2018 Printable Planner

Do you feel like your life is out of control?

Are you always busy but feel like nothing important gets done? Do you set the same goals, year after year, and never make progress?

Do you promise to eat well, exercise, and take better care of yourself, but don't know how you will fit it all in?

The Plan-a-Healthy-Life printable planner will help you take back control of your time and your life.  

2018 planner

The 2018 Plan-a-Healthy-Life Printable Planner is a calendar and goal-setting system all-in-one.

The 2018 planner is not just about appointments, productivity, and to do lists. It is about setting goals that matter to you and creating space to build a life you love.

It's about bringing balance to your life. It's about making time for friends and family, self-care and personal growth, your fitness and wellness, your home, finances, and fun.

And it's a printable PDF file so you can start being more organized, more focused, and more relaxed, right now.

goal setting 2018 planner

Forget complicated planners that stress you out.

Did you ever have a planner that was beautiful but gave you zero structure? It looked amazing but didn't help you actually plan for your happy and healthy life?  

Or a planner you stopped using - frustrated- after a few days because you felt overwhelmed with more to do's and you were still not getting the important things done?  

Planning a healthy and happy life is all about knowing what's important to you, and finding a way to make those things happen. To have an organized home, while still making time for friends and family. 

To find a way to squeeze in important self-care like exercise and getting enough sleep and doing things that make you happy.  

I spent years trying to find a perfect planner, but only ended up frustrated.  

That's why I created my own and I'm super excited to share it with you.  

Start with the big picture.

year at a glance

The two-page layout shows you your entire year at-a-glance. Use it to record holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates to remember. Map out vacations, business travel, school events, and important future dates.  

Monthly calendars and goal-setting system.

january cover page

Each month begins with a cover sheet and encouraging quote. 

Be a goal getter.

goal setting monthly

Each month has a big two-page spread for setting and tracking goals in all areas of your life.

  • Live a balanced life...set goals in all areas. 
  • Record important monthly dates, like birthdays and anniversaries. 
  • What do you want more of this month? Less of? Record those things here. 
  • Track your weight, body fat, and measurements. 
  • Choose a word of the month to inspire you. 
  • Space for journaling, doodling, or to record special memories.

Create a new healthy habit with the monthly mini challenge. 

Maybe you want to start meditating, or drinking a green smoothie daily, or taking a walk in the sunshine. 

Each month you have the opportunity to create a personal mini challenge. Track it right on your monthly pages!

Lots of space for monthly planning.

calendar page

There's plenty of room to write your appointments, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates. Seeing your month at-a-glance gives you that big picture overview.

Welcome to your week-at-a-glance.

week at a glance 2018 planner

A week-at-a-glance view allows you to be more purposeful and helps relieve overwhelm. 

Be strategic about what tasks and to do's you add to your planner. This two-page spread is open on my desk every day. No wondering where I need to be. No confusion about what I want to do each day. And no 5pm "OMG what's for dinner" chaos!

  • Track appointments 
  • Daily To Do's
  • Goals and Priorities
  • Weekly To Do's 
  • Keep track of your monthly goals and priorities


  • Track daily tasks or habits with the habit tracker.
  • Home tasks
  • What's for dinner?
  • Water tracker

The printable 2018 planner has all the bases covered:

Plan What Matters

  • High quality PDF available for instant download
  • Year-at-a-Glance 2-Page Layout 
  • Dated 2018 Monthly Calendars
  • Simple, classic design allows you to add your own personal style
  • 8.5x11 size means lots of space to write
  • Blank graph and lined paper to personalize your Planner
  • Formatted for simple printing. Uses standard letter size printer paper.

Monthly Planning

  • Dated 2018 Monthly Calendars on two Pages
  • Monthly goal setting worksheets for all areas of your life
  • Easily track progress on your monthly goals
  • Optional: Create and track your own mini Monthly Challenge
  • Choose "Word of the Month" for Inspiration and Motivation
  • Track health stats like weight and measurements

Weekly Planning

  • Large 2-Page Weekly Planning Pages
  • Track Appointments and Daily To Do's
  • Focus on Monthly Goals and Priorities
  • Organize Home Tasks
  • Weekly To Do List
  • Daily Task and Habit Tracker
  • Water Tracker
  • Dinner Planner
  • Space for Future Planning

Bonus: Meal Planning Section

meal planner

The BONUS meal planning section will make you a meal planning super hero. 

Use the Weekly Meal Plan to quickly plan weekly meals and snacks. The printable Shopping List is organized by grocery store sections to make creating a list and shopping super simple.

  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • Printable Shopping List

Bonus: Daily Planning Pages

daily planning page

Most of the time the Weekly Planning pages are enough to keep you organized, focused, and on task. But you know those super busy, crazy days? Sometimes you need a little more detail and this bonus printable provides it for you.

  • Detailed Daily Planning Pages
  • Use for super busy days!

Bonus: Lined Pages

bonus lined pages

The lined paper PDF allows you to customize the planner to fit YOUR needs. Use this paper for journaling, gratitude lists, brainstorming, or favorite memories of the month - whatever you please.

  • Lined Paper
  • Print as needed

Printable files let you get started NOW.

I designed this planner to be super useful and ready for you RIGHT NOW. It is a printable PDF file, available for immediate download. 

This means you can print it at home and get started today.

The monthly goal setting section, weekly and daily pages and meal planner are undated so you can use those files FOREVER. Just print out new copies to use in the future.

  • PDF file available for instant download
  • Print on standard, letter-size paper
  • Lots of space for writing
  • Planner is 199 pages, not including bonuses
  • Simple, clean design allows you to add color or creative touches if you wish
  • Simply punch holes and add to a 3 ring binder
  • This is NOT an editable file.

The 2018 Plan-a-Healthy-Life Planner is super affordable. 

It's only $15.

Pay in a flash with Paypal or any major credit card. Payments are processed through Paypal but you do not need an account. 

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