Healthy Halloween Challenge 2018

This Healthy Halloween Challenge is no longer available, but check back in October for the 2019 Healthy Halloween Challenge!!

Are you scared of Halloween weight gain??

Healthy Halloween Challenge - PlanAHealthyLife

Halloween marks the start of the holiday season... cue the scary music! 

It's a frightening time for wanna-be-healthy ladies like us.

You could white-knuckle it and munch raw celery sticks while passing out Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to trick-or-treaters....

Or do your own mini Healthy Halloween Challenge and focus on 7 days healthy habits!!

This printable workbook is your Halloween survival guide.

The Healthy Halloween Challenge includes:

  • 29-page printable workbook to help you set goals, get organized for an amazingly healthy week, and track your progress daily
  • simple healthy habits to track, like eating real food most of the time and moving your body every day
  • practical tips to enjoy Halloween treats in moderation
  • accountability with daily trackers for food, water, exercise, and lots more!
  • fun ways to sneak in exercise 
  • daily email support with tips, motivation, and surprise bonuses! 

The challenge focuses on: 

  • eating real food most of the time
  •  moving your body daily,
  • enjoying Halloween treats in moderation
  •  holding yourself accountable.
Healthy Halloween Challenge - PlanAHealthyLife

This is a printable PDF available for immediate download.

Follow a simple, autumn-inspired meal plan...or create your own.

Your printable workbook has a 7 day Healthy Halloween meal plan with flavors of the season (like pumpkin, pecans, and cinnamon), super easy preparation, printable shopping list, and all recipes are included. 

The Healthy Halloween meal plan focuses on REAL FOOD.

Since we all define "healthy eating differently," you can change the meal plan, or create your own with the blank meal planner and shopping lists.

  • All recipes are gluten-free.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack recipes serve 1.
  • Dinners are family-friendly and serve 4.
  • Change the meal plan to suit YOUR tastes and needs.
  • Or, create your OWN meal plan using the blank meal planner.

7 Days of Simple, Healthy Meals 

Healthy Halloween Challenge - PlanAHealthyLife

Your printable workbook has all the tools you need to have a healthy and happy Halloween week. 

welcome - Healthy Halloween challenge

Simple instructions

Welcome, pep talk, and simple instuctions to get your persoal Healthy Halloween Challenge set up and ready to go.

goals - Healthy Halloween challenge

Goal Setting

Start with just four simple goals to stay healthy and happy this Halloween week!

why - Healthy Halloween challenge

Track Your Stats

Dig deep for your "why" and set a reward for sticking to your plan this week.

The goal of this 7 Day Halloween Week Challenge is healthy eating most of the time, enjoying Halloween treats in moderation, and getting back on track immediately. That said, there is space to record your weight, if you wish. 

checklist - Healthy Halloween challenge

Challenge Checklist

Prepare for a healthy week ahead with reminders to plan and shop for meals, track food and movement, practice mindful eating, review goals and motivation, prepare for challenges, and more. 

daily page - Healthy Halloween challenge

7 Days of Daily Tracker Pages 

Stay healthy and focused every single day with a unique topic of the day, space to log your food, workouts and steps, prepare for daily challenges, and daily gratitude. You will track your progress and rate your day, and have daily journal space too!

meal plan - Healthy Halloween challenge

Meal Planner, Shopping List & Recipes

You'll get a healthy, delicious, autumn-inspired 7 day meal plan, printable shopping list and all the recipes. 

Not a meal plan kinda girl?

Tweak the meal plan to suit your tases and goals, or create your own with the blank meal planner.

email - Healthy Halloween challenge

Daily Email Tips and Motivation

You can opt in for daily tips and instruction to get you organized and ready to start the challenge, and motivation every single day. Emails begin October 26 and end November 4.


IS THE HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE WORKBOOK SOMETHING I WILL GET IN THE MAIL? No. This a digital download, no physical item will ship. It is undated so you can start at any time.  

WHEN WILL I GET MY HEALTHY HALLOWEEN WORKBOOK & MEAL PLAN? The workbook and meal plan is a PDF file. It is available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be sent to the email you have on file with PayPal.  

WHAT MATERIALS WILL I NEED? Just a printer and paper to print the workbook, and a 3-ring binder. (Or keep the papers together in a folder or paper clip!) 

WHAT SIZE IS THE WORKBOOK? The workbook is designed to print on standard 8.5x11 paper. 

HOW DO I DOWNLOAD MY FILE? Once you receive your download email (or on the download page) just click the link and to download the PDF file. Be sure to save the file to your computer so you have it for future printings. 

WHAT TYPE OF FILE IS THIS? These are high quality high resolution PDF files. All colors, designs, and layouts are depicted in the product listings.  

HOW DO I OPT IN FOR THE CHALLENGE DAILY EMAILS? When you purchase the challenge workbook you will be given a link to opt in to the daily emails (October 26-November 4).

DO I HAVE TO GET THE DAILY EMAILS? I hope so! I have lots of tips, fun healthy strategies and daily inspiration. But you can decide not to opt in to the daily emails. Or you can unsubscribe at any time . 

IS THERE A FACEBOOK GROUP FOR THIS CHALLENGE? Nope! No Facebook account required. The challenge is explained right in the printable workbook. Plus you will have daily accountability and support through emails sent right to your inbox.

HOW MUCH DOES THE HEALTHY HALLOWEEN WORKBOOK COST? The 29 page workbook with meal plan, instructions, daily tips and motivation is only $7.50. 

ONCE I PURCHASE THE PLANNER, CAN I SHARE IT WITH MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY? Sorry, no. All files are for your personal use only. You may not forward, share, sell, re-brand, distribute or host any files on your website, social media, etc. WeighToMaintain and PlanAHealthyLife retains all rights. 

DO YOU OFFER REFUNDS? Due to digital content received at purchase, items cannot be refunded. 

HOW CAN I CONTACT YOU? If you have any questions, concerns, or problems. please feel free to contact me by email:  

Challenge yourself to have a healthy Halloween week! The workbook with meal plan, shopping list and recipes, daily tips and inspiration, all instructions and daily tracking pages is only $7.50.

Pay in a flash with Paypal or any major credit card. Payments are processed through Paypal but you do not need an account. 

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