Healthy Holiday Challenge

'Tis the season for temptation.

Don't let sweet potato casserole, eggnog and Christmas cookies derail your diet.

To survive the holidays without gaining weight you need a survival guide!

And now it's here. 

The holidays shouldn't be about deprivation or dieting.

healthy holiday planner planahealthylife

It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends and to enjoy the festivities. 

The challenge is to do it without gaining weight. 

To stay on track most of us need inspiration, accountability and our very own holiday survival guide.

Now it's here: a printable Healthy Holiday Challenge Planner and Workbook. 


This printable planner is your holiday survival guide.

Your planner will guide you through six weeks of healthy habits, beginning November 19, 2018. (But you can start anytime!) 

Your holiday survival guide provides:

  •  inspiration and motivation
  • practical tips to survive the holidays without weight gain
  • simple, healthy habits to track
  • how to enjoy treats in moderation
  • a focus on a positive mindset and gratitude

Six Weeks of Healthy Habits

November 19, 2018 through January 1, 2019

healthy holiday planner

This is a printable PDF available for immediate download.

This is not a planner for appointments and to do's. 

This is a planner focusing solely on your health and fitness journey from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day (November 19, 2018 though January 1, 2019).

Your printable planner has all the tools you need to stay healthy and happy this holiday season.

healthy holiday welcome

Simple instructions

Welcome, pep talk, and simple instuctions to get your Healthy Holiday Challenge Planner set up and ready to go. 

It's called a "challenge" because you are challenging yourself to create simple healthy habits for the holiday season!

healthy holiday goal setting

Goal Setting

Start with just four simple goals to stay healthy and happy this holiday season, or customize to the food and fitness goals that are important to you. 

healthy holiday stats

Track Your Stats

Record weight, body fat and measurements, and monitor your progress for all six weeks of the healthy holiday challenge. 

healthy holiday checklist

Weekly Checklists

Prepare for a healthy week ahead with reminders to plan and shop for meals, track food and movement, practice mindful eating, review goals and motivation, prepare for challenges, and more. 

healthy holiday daily journal

Daily Planner Pages for 6 Weeks

Stay healthy and focused every single day with a unique topic of the day, space to log your food, workouts and steps, prepare for daily challenges, and daily gratitude. Some days have mini challenges, journaling exercises, and always space to rate your day based on your healthy habits.

healthy holiday workbook


The matching workbook includes additional information for the daily topics and resources to support you on your healthy holiday journey.

Daily Tips and Mini Challenges

Each day you will have a different daily topic to keep you learning, motivated & focused. You'll learn how to create celebration action plans, why water and sleep are important, healthy recipes, how to focus on joy, and more.  

Meal Planner & Shopping List

Coordinating printable weekly meal planner and shopping list to make healthy meal planning quick and easy.

BONUS: No Excuses Workout Plan

This super simple bodyweight workout is perfect for travel and requires no gym membership or equipment. Bust out the 10 minute strength routine a few times per week to strengthen and sculpt muscles.

The Planner, Workbook and bonuses are PDF printable files, so you can download them instantly.


IS THE HEALTHY HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE SOMETHING I WILL GET IN THE MAIL? No. This a digital download, no physical item will ship. It is undated so you can start at any time.  

WHEN WILL I GET MY HEALTHY HOLIDAY PLANNER? The printable planner, workbook and bonuses are high quality PDF files. They are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be sent to the email you have on file with Paypal.

WHAT MATERIALS WILL I NEED? Aside from the digital download, you will need access to a printer to print the planner, and a 3-ring binder.  

HOW DO I ASSEMBLE MY PLANNER? Simply print out the download, hole punch and place in a binder.  

HOW MUCH DOES THE HOLIDAY PLANNER COST? All 55 pages of the daily planner, the 19 page Workbook, the meal planning pages and bonuses are included in the digital download for only $19.95.  

WHAT SIZE IS THE PLANNER? The planner prints on standard 8.5x11 paper.  

HOW DO I DOWNLOAD MY FILE? Once you receive your download email (or on the download page) just click the link and to download the zipped files. Be sure to save the files to your computer so you have it for future printings.  

WHAT TYPE OF FILE IS THIS? These are high quality high resolution PDF files. All colors, designs, and layouts are depicted in the product listings. The PDF files are zipped together, so you will need to unzip them to view and print.

HOW DO I UNZIP THE FILES? Once you have downloaded the file, you will need to unzip it to view/access the contents. This can easily be done on any computer without the need of additional software. 

  • WINDOWS To unzip all the contents of the zipped folder in Windows: right-click on the folder select “Extract All” make sure the checkbox for “Show Extracted Files When Complete” is checked click “Extract” You will then see all of the PDF files. 
  • MAC COMPUTERS simply double-click on the zipped file You will then see all of the PDF files. 
  • Smart Phones/Tablets If you are downloading to a smart phone/device you will to use an app to unzip/extract the files from the folder. Check out your app store.  

IS THERE FACEBOOK GROUP SUPPORT? No. While I love hosting Facebook groups, I understand the holidays are very busy and not everyone can devote time to daily Facebook check-ins. That said, you have tips and motivation DAILY in your planner and the accmpanying workbook. And the best form of accountability is being accountable to YOURSELF, which you will do every single day with your planner.

ONCE I PURCHASE THE PLANNER, CAN I SHARE IT WITH MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY? Sorry, no. All files are for your personal use only. You may not forward, share, sell, re-brand, distribute or host any files on your website, social media, etc. WeighToMaintain and PlanAHealthyLife retains all rights.  

DO YOU OFFER REFUNDS? Due to digital content received immediately at purchase, items cannot be refunded.  

HOW CAN I CONTACT YOU? If you have any questions, concerns, or problems. please feel free to contact me by email:  

Ready for for a healthy and happy holiday season? 

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